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FREEDOM: The Wonders of Taking Coaching Conversations Outdoors

Zoom Online, Zoom

Eco-nnect with us during the May Noble Manhattan Zurich Coaching Support Group Event that will introduce you to Outdoor Eco-Coaching. Expect Nature and Nurture - Be introduced to some evidence and research around the benefits of being outdoors, find out how to partner with the natural environment and learn some tools and techniques you can...

CONNECTION: Bridging The Gap – Hearing What Isn’t Being Said

Noble Center Main Street, Zurich

Whether you are a coach, manager, leader or an individual who would like to improve your body language skills - We invite you to join our CONNECTION session that will help you hear what is not being said.  Expect to be introduced to techniques on how to inspire confidence in those around you to achieve...

SELF-DETERMINATION: The Motivation To Keep Moving

Zoom Online, Zoom

What keeps you moving forward? Intrinsic motivation is golden, and through the process of reflection, combined with a deeper understanding of quality motivation, we will get you ready for the day. Join us for some morning self-determination with Matt Jenkins! Click Here To Register  

BECOMING MOM : What No One Prepares You For

Online 1228 Plan les Ouates, Geneva

The truth is that Becoming Mom is slow, gradual, and takes patience and some more patience! It also requires a journey that we hesitate to take - a journey of introspection - to understand why we think and behave the way we do. How is our "current way of being" disrupted by this new role,...

COMMUNITY – Meet the NMC Zürich Team Offline


What is this event all about? Have you ever thought about exploring the world of coaching? Then join us for our community event. A great opportunity to be coached in a small group and to network. Expect to meet local coaches, take the opportunity to be coached and meet like-minded people – join our community!...


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