Interested in coaching but do not have the time to spend on extensive studies?
Thinking about becoming a Noble Manhattan Member?

Here are some of the wonderful benefits to becoming a member that you can enjoy!

Benefits of your to Noble Manhattan Coaching Membership

You will get essential literature. This is your very own Basic coaching toolkit. This will give you an introduction to Coaching, and identify some key benefits to enable you to determine if YOU can be and would like to pursue a career in coaching or help you decide if you require coaching. 

You will gain free access to major events where our sought after Guest speakers impart with their knowledge and wisdom. 

Free access to coaches. We are giving you a full 30 minute quarterly access to our qualified and experienced Coaches, who have their own specialist areas of expertise.

You will be offered self-development activities to become a great leader. For example, Practice public speaking in a safe and supportive environment, or choose to facilitate or lead on one of our many events.

Get guidance on how to become an expert coach. Equally beneficial to existing coaches, who can peer to peer coach with a range of our Coaches worldwide. And, for those who are thinking about becoming a Coach, get firsthand information and advice from our experienced and helpful Coaches.    

Network with like-minded people and expand you own network through our events. Here you will meet Coaches, other members, experts in specialist fields and global leaders.

 If you are an existing coach this will give you a great opportunity to expand your own business. For those at the start of their Coaching journey, with an abundance of support and resources, you will have the opportunity to carve out a new career for yourself.

If you feel you can share your wisdom that will benefit others, you have the opportunity to participate as one of our Guest Speakers. This will not only raise your profile but also raise your visibility in the Coaching world. 

We are excited to welcome you  

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