What people say about noble manhattan

“Over the past 12 months a lot has changed in my life. The pandemic has led me to redefine all my activities, travels, interactions, and habits. What could have been a very tough year has actually been an incredible and wonderful journey because, while everything around me was changing, I have also changed. Since starting my Practitioner Coach Diploma with Noble Manhattan, I have tapped into resources and energies that I thought lost, rediscovered myself and my priorities, redefined my route towards fulfilment and balance, and created a new potential future for myself. Along the way, I met wonderful instructors, fellow students and collaborators, and had access to a huge amount of knowledge and experience. I enjoyed learning and experimenting in different formats and with different people, always in an environment of respect, support and appreciation of the other. I made connections that will last long and was given chances I would have never anticipated (like writing for the International Coaching News magazine! Or volunteering for the Zurich Coaching Support Group!). Starting the PCD (and embracing everything that is coming with it) is the best thing I have chosen for myself in a long time!”
Maddalena Fumagalli
Researcher, Educator
“If you are looking for a coach training company that offers the perfect balance between theory and interactive lessons, flexibility, support and a community then Noble Manhattan is for you. My expectations were exceeded, and I can genuinely say the community is one of a kind!”
Naomi Wernecke
Marketing & Events Consultant, Assistant Bar Manager
“NMC provides a high quality course with flexibility that every person needs today. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a great coaching program and community, that care for you not just during the course but also afterwards.”
Sadaf Ghous
HR Practitioner / Certified Professional Coach

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