Adolescent/Kids Coach Diploma

Duration: 400h

Accredited by: IAPCM / KICRMC

About Course

Some of the best schools in Britain and around the world are now adopting a coaching culture and introducing coaching initiatives. These include employing in-house coaches and training management, staff and pupil leaders to be coaches. Additionally, families and organisations that work with children and young people are increasingly turning to coaching as an alternative to counselling. Coaching is: cost effective, non-stigmatized, easily accessible, solution-focused and time-limited. To meet the growing need for coaches that are qualified to work with children and adolescents, Noble Manhattan Coaching (NMC) has partnered up with School Wellbeing Alliance (SWA) to create a series of ground-breaking courses that have been accredited with The International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (IAPC&M). These courses have been carefully created in conjunction with some of Britain’s finest coaches working in schools and the education sector, and aim to boost the overall performance, mental health and wellbeing of children and young people. Training in this area will open up a new, exciting and emerging market full of opportunities both inside and outside school settings. It will also give schools and parents much-needed reassurance that you have the necessary training and qualifications to work in this sector safely, competently. This course is fully accredited by ICF/IAPCM/ICRMC and ILM.


Our diploma-level training courses are for anyone who would like to professionally coach children (aged 4-11), adolescents (aged 11-18) and adults inside and outside of a school settingThis course is accredited as a Level 7 coaching course, which is the highest level for diploma training with the IAPC&M.

A core component of this course is training to deliver a collection of ground-breaking and accredited coaching programs that help children and adolescents thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and academically (The OS Programs). The programs have been primarily created for delivery in schools but can also be delivered outside of schools. After completing The OS Programs, participants receive a formal certificate to acknowledge the valuable coaching and life-skills that they have learnt and acquired. They may then use this to enhance and strengthen their personal profile/CV.

Each program uses tried and tested coaching tools and techniques. These tools and techniques are also blended with neuroscience, cognitive behavioural science, positive psychology, mindfulness and resilience-based methodologies to make them truly integrative and impactful programs.

There are eight programs carefully crafted for every year of school from Reception (4-5 years old) to Year 13 (17-18 years old). Each program is based on one of the following colour-coded modules, representing a key area for maturation and development in children and young people:

Module 1Module 2Module 3Module 4
Focus and awarenessRelationship with myselfRelationship with othersCommunication
Module 5Module 6Module 7Module  8
ResilienceFuture planningAccomplishmentEndings     

All of the programs are flexible and adaptable. They can be used as a lesson, workshop, talk or assembly – alternatively they can be used to support children or adolescents one-to-one or in small groups inside or outside of a school setting. They can also be shortened and delivered in one session or expanded and delivered over a few weeks when there is the time to do this.

What Will I Learn?

  • This training will open up a new, exciting and emerging market full of opportunities.
  • You will learn a valuable set of transferable tools and skills that can be used within and outside of a school setting.
  • Making a positive difference to the lives of children, adolescents and adults can be hugely rewarding and fulfilling.
  • Completing this training course will give schools, organisations and parents much needed reassurance that you have the training and necessary qualifications to support children, young people and adults safely, competently and effectively.
  • Coaching children, adolescents and adults can fit around the demands of a busy life, work-load and/or family during term time only.
  • All the tools that you will learn on this training course have universal appeal – this means that you can also use them to coach yourself, family, friends and loved ones, thus deriving a personal benefit.

Topics for this course

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Adolescent/Kids Coach Diploma

9800 CHF

Payment in installments is available. Please contact Hulya:

Material Includes

  • Course Handbook
  • Co-Active Coaching book
  • Access to our online Learning Portal
  • Mentor session- this includes 13 one-to-one sessions (via Skype/Zoom) with NMC appointed mentors. Three of these sessions will focus on coaching children. The remaining seven sessions will focus on coaching adults.
  • 1 Live Webinar covering the each topic
  • 1 Live webinar with a master coach available for student questions
  • 6 Full Day Masterclasses – Practical Application of your learnings with other students faciliated by a master coach
  • 3 day online/on site residentiel: 1st day – is taken by a Noble Manhattan master coach and is very fast-paced and upbeat. He’ll teach you various different coaching techniques and practices and in the afternoon you will go off in twos and threes to practice these techniques.
  • 2nd day : is taken by a master practitioner in N.L.P. (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainer. That day is a lot deeper and slower-paced and the trainer goes into overcoming limiting beliefs, timelines, eye accessing techniques, etc.
  • 3rd day: is taken by one experienced master coach and again is much more faster-paced with a lot of group exercises. Self-esteem , value elicitation process, goal and vision setting and real practice session.


  • No pre-requisites need to enroll. Only your passion and desire to learn
  • What is required from you?
  • 1 Book Critique (1000-1500 words)
  • 3 Reflective Essays
  • 1 Final Written Assignment
  • 60 hours of practical coaching hours
  • The above can vary depending on your current experience and knowledge.

Target Audience

  • Suitable for Individuals