NLP, stands for ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’, is a way of changing someone’s thoughts and behaviors to help achieve desired outcomes for them. Let me share a story about changing habits with NLP.

changing habits with nlp

NLP and Ear-piercing

What does ear piercing have to do with NLP? Here is the story:

I decided to have a second ear piercing. The process in its own was a bit painful but quick and easy. I had my second pair or earrings put on and I was happy. The only caveat, tat I should not take off the second earrings for about 6 months as otherwise the piercing in my ear would close immediately. I thought to myself, that’s ok, I can do that. However, to sleep with them was not so easy. So, after one month I had the urge taking them off. On top of it, my ears started to hurt and itch. Some sort of infection was coming up. I got them out with the intention to put them in again the very next morning.


Surprise in the morning. My ear piercings got closed. I could not put on my earrings. As I started to put some force on it, my ears did hurt. I was angry. Being a determined person, I tried several times to put them on and thanks got it worked but it was a bit painful. After 2 months my ears got used to have second pair of piercings and they did not close up anymore as they have a new pathway.

Changing Habits with NLP

To embed a new habit, replace an unhelpful thought with a helpful thought requires repetition. Requires determination. Requires to be aware when we drop into old habits and immediately rectify it. Creating a new neuro pathway in your brain requires the same. You need to be trying repeatedly until the brain and our neurons get used to intertwin the new behaviour and leave the old one. Otherwise, it will close immediately, and no positive or behavioural change will happen.

If you want to change, create an anchor or mantra, your pledge which will help you to rewire your brain.

nlp coaching

Elegant Coaching – NLP

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