“Coaching is about performing at your best through the individual and private assistance of someone who will challenge, stimulate and guide you to keep growing.”  This is the famous quote that our CEO Gerard O’Donovan states. We created our coach training in Basel in that perspective.

Coaching is MAD. It makes a difference. It is a combination of reflection, self-awareness, asking the client the uncomfortable yet powerful questions that a human would never ask themselves. Coaches do push the limits, encourages to get out of your comfort zone and empowers. A coach can be seen as someone who is accompanying the client throughout their self-discovery.

It is a rewarding profession. At same time as a coach, you have flexibility about your own schedule, you work towards your own values, and you are your own CEO. Being an entrepreneur brings lots of challenges as well as opportunities.

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Advanced Coaching in Basel

Noble Manhattan Basel is more than only a coach training school. We accompany our student’s way beyond their studies, support them in building up their business and finding their way.

On top anyone who graduates from Noble Manhattan Basel, will have our resources for lifelong. Moreover, employment opportunities are available as well in our Headquarters, at our Noble Manhattan Faculty, either as a mentor for students or as a webinar presenter.

Coaching Programmes in Basel

As Noble Manhattan Basel we provide coaching online, outdoors, and even face to face. Our coaching school in Basel represents the German cantons. The incredible international presence in Basel as the hub of pharmaceutical companies and many more, should be one of the top reasons to get your coaching training at our Basel chapter. The most important reason for you to get your coaching training from us will be your satisfaction and complete support.

Be part of our global family, of our coaching community. The profession coaching can be a lonely profession. As we know this, we have different Coaching Community groups in Switzerland. The nearest one to Basel is located in Zurich. Join our community of like-minded people. Join Noble Manhattan Basel / Zürich / Geneva / Lugano – all Switzerland.

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Noble Manhattan Switzerland

Contact us today and start your coaching journey! Our Basel team would love to help you. Check here our offers for Basel: Basel Coaching Courses

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