Coaching for us means: Using this skill to “Force for Good”. As a coaching agency in Geneva, our aim is to train and support magnificent coaches to make a positive impact on their immediate community and on the world.

One coach can have an effective impact on thousands of people. Its like a ripple effect. And the more people we train as coaches, the better the world will be.

Anyone who is coached, will have an optimistic perspective to life, will live in a meaningful and skilful manner and therefore will have the same effect on their immediate family, friends, and colleagues.

coaching agency in geneva

Coaching Agency in Geneva

Being based in Geneva and around, we know that French is the official language, even though it is an international environment, where we have the headquarters of organizations such as WTO/ITC and many more not to mention the companies. In Geneva, it seems and feels like English can be one of the main languages from time to time. But it is not.

To be able to reach out to even more humans, we have started to translate our written modules into French.

Moreover, we have French speaking mentors and facilitate our masterclasses in French. Anyone who feels more comfortable in French, has got the possibility to write their essays in French and have their final verbal assignment as well in French. As a coaching agency in Geneva, spreading this wonderful profession of coaching is one of our number one priority.

Coaching Agency in Geneva

Why Noble Manhattan Switzerland?

All our training programs are high quality. We have combined our solid experience with up-to-date learnings, study buddy groups, mentor sessions, live and pre-recorded webinars and provide immersion into coaching with our masterclasses and Coach Training Experience workshops.

We are supporting our students even beyond their studies. Meaning once graduated, you are part of a global coaching family, and we help you to build up your business. In Geneva and around.

We work with our students and organizations side by side. Listening, understanding your needs, and suggesting the best possible way forward for you at the circumstances you are in.

We are trustworthy, accountable and all our coaches in our family are present for you.

Coaching Agency in Geneva

Hulya Kurt, our Managing Director of Noble Manhattan is based in Geneva and is always present for you in person or online, willing to travel and take a commute to meet you, as for her, the personal touch is essential.

Join our Noble Manhattan Coaching family. Train with one of the “Elite” coach training institutions in French (partially) or in English.

Lets have an impact on yourself and the world.

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