Coaching Support Group Events 2022

This year the NMC Zürich Support Group goes back to the core of its purpose: to create a
safe, welcoming and local space for all professionals in the field of coaching and personal
development to network, help each other, share wisdom and challenges, and let new ideas
We decided to invite all fellow coaches (trainee or certified), mentors, personal
development professionals from any school, organization, affiliation, to join us in building
our supportive, local community.
For (mental and physical) health and safety reasons, so far we have planned only a few
gatherings in the area of Zürich, in-person, outdoors, and involving the basic ingredients for
good times, creativity and clarity: a path to walk, a group of curious minds, and a treat for
the soul (and the belly).
We got inspired by the four classical elements and put together four Walk&Talk Netwalking
events that will take us through the diverse natural landscapes of the city and its cafe
Our priority is to create a community accessible to all. Therefore, participation is free of
charge (but drinks, food and activities with external providers is responsibility of the
participant). Moreover, unless otherwise specified, walking paths are accessible to all users
(including wheelchairs and strollers) and require a normal level of fitness. Finally, unless
otherwise specified, cafés and restaurants we choose for a pitstop are also accessible, and
can accommodate different dietary options and necessities.
The first event, WATER, took place on Sat 19 February 2022 in Central Zürich. We had a nice
morning netwalking by the Limmat to warm up and oxygenate the body before heading to a
café for a nice cuppa and more exchanges and stories. Whether it was connections, tips or
inspiration, we all walked away with a smile and something new for our coaching practice.
We have three more events coming up this year:
● AIR. Sat 2 April 2022, Date and location TBA
● EARTH. Sat 9 July 2022, Date and location TBA
● FIRE. Sat 19 November 2022, Date and location TBA
All the details regarding costs and accessibility will be communicated before the event, once
the logistics is confirmed, via our social channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook) and email.
Stay tuned, join us.

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