NLP is an extension of Humanıstıc Approach. Meta programs are main software of our individual
hardware system. At the beginning of 1970 s Richard Bandler and John Grinder produced an effective
and fast way of learning by exemplifying the therapy of the groundbreaking Virginia Satır, Milton
Erickson and Fritz Perls. Due to Erickson the tools of NLP covers hypnotic factors which are the basis
of coaching tools.
Meta programmes are powerful mental processes that help people manage, guide and direct their
experiences. They help us decide what to pay attention to and we distort, delete and generate the
rest. Use meta programs to understand yourself and others. Meta programs helps you understand
how people sort and make sense of the world. They also help you understand your own values, beliefs
and behaviors.


7 NLP Meta Programs help you to understand people better.

1.Toward or Away
You can use this lens for understanding whether somebody drives from pain or gain.

2.External or Internal Frame of Reference
If you ever give a compliment and it seems like somebody doesn’t believe you,it might be because
they are using an internal frame of reference.

3.Sortıng By Self or Sortıng by Others
Point is that do you first think about whats in it for you or do you think about what ‘s in it for others?

4.Matcher or Mismatcher
One type looks at the world and sees different.The other kind of mis- matchers sees differences with

5.Convincer Strategy
This meta-programme involves what it takes to convince someone of something.

6.Possibility vs Necessity
You focus on just what you need.On the other hand seeker and always looking to expand your
opportunities and possibilities.

7.Independent Cooperatıve and Proxımıty Workıng Styles
You can figure out where your most enjoyable work environment would be.



Better way of practicing is to explain the meta programmes to client by giving examples.Building a
relationship between coaching aim of client and meta programmes.

Which meta programme refers to your aim?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this meta programme?

What is the source your meta programme?

If you would like to understand meta programmesöyou should practice their effect on your life…

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