Most of the empirical research on coaching shows it to be effective. The studies have been rigorous with most designs incorporating a control vs. training group to determine the unique effect of executive coaching on job performance (De Haan & Duckworth, 2013).

Executive Coaching Improves Performance and Well-being

Other correlational research has been rigorous in showing that executive coaching is effective based on multi-source ratings of self, management and coach on a range of performance indices including productivity, leadership effectiveness and leader behaviors (Perkins, 2009).

Leading to Better Feedback from Supervisors, Peers and Subordinates

In one of the few longitudinal studies, Smither and colleagues (2003) looked at the effectiveness of this type of coaching through tracking over a thousand senior managers over a two-year period. The findings showed that those who received executive coaching received more positive feedback from their supervisors, peers and subordinates with areas of improvement including goal setting, soliciting ideas for improvement and ratings from direct reports and supervisors.

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