How to Mentor?

Mentoring is a process that an experienced colleague supports less experienced one to perform
his/her personal and business development. There are some basic rules which are mandatory to be
accepted by both mentor and mentee before starting the journey.

1. Confidentiality: Meetings between mentor and mentee should be kept confidential and
shouldn’t be shared to another third person. This is essential for a sustainable programme.

2. Development responsibility: It is on the shoulders of mentee not on mentor.

3. Meeting period: Mentoring period ideally takes 12 months and one meeting per month is

4. Meeting duration: Each meeting ideally needs to be at least 45 minutes to maximum 90

5. Meeting location: This is a decision between mentor and mentee. Suggestion is to hold the
meetings face to face but can be online especially considering Covid period that covers
whole over the world.

6. Review of relationship: Rules and progress can be reviewed together by both mentor and
mentee. Planned objectives needs to be evaluated in terms of the gaps covered so far and
action plans can be reviewed together by mentor and mentee.

It is suggested to fill-up some structural forms by mentee like “mentoring meeting form” where the
topic, defined actions, difficulties/challenges can be faced, some supportive resources, timeplan for
actions, date/location for next meeting are written down.
At corporate companies, leaders needs to pay very much attention to their team members not only
to support them for doing their jobs efficiently but also managing their teams professionally.
Therefore, mentoring programme for talents is essential for companies who wants to grow their
talents and eventually their business.

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