Networking in Geneva

On the 22nd of September, we had a face-to-face networking event in Geneva at Grand Fairmont Hotel. It was an insightful networking evening, where people asked their questions and shared positive and negative experiences with each other.

meeting at the hotel

First of all, Hulya asked each participant about their own definition of networking. For some, it is a method to get what they need, for some, it is a way of life, for others is an impossible task due to fear of communication.

Each person had their own story behind networking. Hulya dedicated time to each case with an individual explanation.

Examples of participant’s networking concerns about:

For instance, there was a woman who struggled with expanding her network beyond her basic environment. Coach Hulya guided her with particular steps to undertake in order to diversify her social circle. Another person wanted to know about asking for something and at the same time bringing value from his side.

Hulya also highlighted changing perspectives. Looking at networking as a great communicative tool that can broaden horizons and enhance surroundings with upcoming opportunities. Benefit from your own mind. Network in Geneva is a challenging, but possible and fun!

In the end, all of the participants got the written guide how to improve network.

Questions to ask yourself to enhance your network:

Is your network helping you reach important and personal goals? If no, which people within or outside your organisation or your profession have expertise and influence that could help your network fulfil its purpose?

Is your network diverse enough? How could your network be more diverse, not only in termw of age,gender, ethnicity, but also in terms of perspectives, skills,backgrounds.. ?

Does your network energize you and others? Are people in your network are exhausted by too many irrelevant meetings? How could you lighten the load?

Do you take advantage of face-to-face opportunities to forge new connections or enhance existing ones? What conferences or professional association meetings related to specific aspects of your work or career could you attend?

After answering these questions, do not waste your time and start improving your network now!

Reviews after the event:

Put your networking skills into practice!

We are happy to announce our Big event for those:

  • who wants to be a good leader
  • who are willing to invest in their employees
  • who wants to become an accredited coach
  • who want to improve their interpersonal skills.

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