Elegant Coaching – NLP

Our NLP Coaching course combines traditional and ‘new code’ NLP with recently developed belief change models and motivation techniques.

Duration: 2 full days workshop – depending can be split into half day workshops

About Course

A constantly evolving science, NLP continues to expand with new techniques being developed by its practitioners. Amongst these, John Grinder (co-developer with Richard Bandler of classic NLP) has created ‘New Code NLP’, which addresses coding flaws in the original development of NLP. For example, powerful resource states can be created using a New Code method of carrying out a task that fully employs both the conscious and unconscious minds, resulting in an empowering high performance state that has no past experiences attached. From this place, anything is possible! And this is just one of the techniques that will be taught during the course.

NLP Coaching

Even experienced NLP practitioners will discover in this programme new techniques that have been recently developed, tested and proven to work effectively with coaching clients.

The entire content is presented in a jargon-free, easy to understand way with plenty of opportunities to practice what is being presented.

What Will I Learn?

  • What’s really going on when a client consistently fails to complete agreed actions and how it can be overcome
  • The ‘well formed obstacle’ and how it can be dismantled
  • How to identify motivators at an individual level to ensure the client feels ‘fired up’
  • How to discover your ‘core state’ (beyond values), experience it, anchor it and take it forward into the future

Topics for this course

What makes a good coach? These 12 beliefs, formed from the principles upon which NLP is based, create an empowering platform from which any coach can achieve excellence in their coaching skills. By understanding what makes everyone both different and unique, and how this drives behavior, the coach can gain a valuable insight into how to develop a flexible coaching style, adaptable to best suit any individual they may encounter.

Unconscious minds generate rapport and can influence each other at a deeper, non-verbal level. When the coach has accessed a resourceful state and is projecting positive intentions at an unconscious level to their client, the benefit to the client can be quite remarkable as they gain an empowering sense of wellbeing. The ensuing coaching session is then most likely to be positive and productive for both participants.

Much of the language used in NLP was developed from modelling hypnotherapist Milton Erickson. Its strength is that it goes beyond communicating at a conscious level, to reach the behavior-driving unconscious mind. By understanding how to construct questions that communicate at this deeper level, the coach significantly enhances their questioning ability and is more likely to trigger ‘light bulb’ moments for their clients.

When a client’s lifestyle or career is incongruent with their values, they will feel dissatisfied and discontent without really understanding why. The unstoppable combination is the congruent alignment of values, beliefs and goals, which ensures that the ladder is up against the right wall and that there are no obstructions to reaching the top rung.

The conventional way of ascertaining a client’s values is to ask questions about what they feel is important to have in their life. This presumes that the client is a ‘towards’ person and knows what they want in life, in their career, etc. However, if they are an ‘away from’, they may find it difficult to identify their values through this process. The ’ideal life’ elicitation method caters for both ‘towards’ and ‘away from’ people and is thus a more comprehensive and accurate method of identifying values.

A limiting belief may have elements to it that are not all bad. The first of these belief change models focuses on identifying any positive aspects of a limiting belief so that they can be retained, whilst modifying the remainder of the belief to make it better. The second model deals with beliefs that are so negative, they have become debilitating and employs a spatial sorting method of discarding the old belief, replacing it with a new, unshakeable belief.

Using John Grinder’s new code method of conducting a game or task that uses the ‘whole’ brain, the individual is able to experience the feeling of peak performance from which personal empowerment and motivation emanate.

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Elegant Coaching – NLP

1200 CHF

Payment in installments is available. Please contact Hulya: hulya.kurt@noble-manhattan.com

Material Includes

  • Handouts
  • Live webinar

Target Audience

  • For: All Individuals