Rinse and Repeat Or shall we say Consistent………

Learning new skills, changing behaviour, or adopting new ones. Might be losing weight, starting sports, asking open questions, removing blockers.

Whatever it is, you want to change, it starts with the correct mindset, being decisive and constantly repeating the new challenge you take on. Repeating, remembering it every day, min. once a week or whenever the situation occurs is instrumental for adopting a new thought, a new skill. You need to be determined and focused, be mindful.

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Why is Consistency Important?

The reason is simple: consistency leads to momentum. The more consistently you do something, the easier it becomes, and the more momentum you build up. Eventually, what was once a struggle becomes a habit, and habits are hard to break. That’s why consistency is so important- it is the key to making lasting change.

What Are the Benefits of Being Consistent?

Your productivity increases significantly and you’re constantly motivated to just keep going, and do better every time. Consistency sets the guidelines and expectations you have of yourself, and ultimately you start looking for new ways to conquer your day. Once you gain that momentum, keep going!

What is the Power of Consistency?

It’s an absolute fact that if you can learn to do something consistently, you will discover much greater strengths and opportunities within yourself than you could have ever imagined. So many people amount to a fraction of their true capability because they are so inconsistent with what they do.

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What Happens If You Are Consistent?

When you’re consistent, it means you’re dedicated to carrying an activity or completing a task. It means you’re clear on what you want to accomplish and are taking steps to reach it. To be consistent is a commitment you make to yourself and others. It’s about keeping your word to carry out what you’ve agreed to do.

Consistency might seem dull and repetitive; however, this is how you are going to achieve your goals, your target, your change. Every little step counts to make the change you desire for living a fulfilled life. To feel satisfied with yourself, proud about yourself. These steps or changes don’t need to be big ones or huge milestones. They need to be aligned with you and most importantly they need to be realistic and achievable.  You decide, you are the CEO of your life.

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