Taking care of your well-being and setting healthy boundaries

In April last year we hosted an event with Alessandra Patti, a NMC PCD Alumna and founder of FindYourWay Coaching. With her experience as health and wellbeing coach, assertiveness coach, and ensa Mental Health First Aid Instructor, she guided us through the concept of Self-Care and shared some questions, tips and tricks to invite more of it in our lives.

The three pillars of our well-being, health and happiness

  1. SELF-CARE: giving myself permission to take back my time and energy

What is my stress signature?                           
What self-care routine helps me cope with stress?                            
Which one activity I wish I could do, but I am not doing?
And what needs to happen for me to start doing it? 

Use the Fake Commute as a self-care routine when the real commute to work is not possible.  Schedule at least a 20/30 minutes fake commute to start and end your working day.

What did I use to do while commuting to/from work?  

If working from home, what would I like to do in my fake commute?   

When am I going to start my fake commute?  

BOUNDARIES: managing choices to manage energy

What is a non-negotiable for me?
How can I create a non-negotiable?                                                                                                                                           

  1. COMMUNICATION: voicing my thoughts in an assertive and non-violent way

“Self-assertiveness means honoring my wants, needs and values and seeking appropriate forms of their expression in reality. It means the willingness to stand up for myself, to be who I am openly, to treat myself with respect in all human encounters”

~ N. Branden ~

  • Change the mindset: Say NO to the task but YES to the person
  • State clearly and openly what is important for me, what I want or need
  • Say no, and maybe offer alternative options
  • Be direct, instead of using sarcasm, body language, facial expressions.
  • Act instead of reacting.
  • Accept that others might not take up or understand my needs and requests, but it is always my choice to voice them. Voicing them will raise my self-esteem, wellbeing and mental health, because what I don’t say negatively impacts on me.


***** CALL FOR ACTION *****

What self-care routine(s) do I choose to make a non-negotiable for me from now on?

***** LET’S START TODAY! *****

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