The Supervised Coaching Masterclass, offered exclusively through Noble Manhattan Coaching, under the direction of founder Gerard O’Donovan, offers group supervision / coach co-training in a collaborative earning environment. The Supervised Coaching Masterclass group learning environment allows articipants to develop executive master coaching and/or team master coaching skills at an individual pace.

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Supervised Coaching Masterclass

Supervised Coaching Masterclass

This program replicates the actual structure and process of real-life coaching for the purposes of individual benefit, efficient team work, goal achievement and problem solving. To ensure accurate representation of the true coaching relationship, classes are offered on a ten day cycle, one a month over a 365-day period.

This program’s comprehensive training, mentoring and learning process is advantageous both personally and professionally, taking into account all prospective executive and team coaching interpersonal boundaries as they occur within a team learning setting.

Supervised Coaching Masterclass

What Will You Learn?

The Supervised Coaching Masterclass develops coaching practitioner expertise in three main areas:

  • Increased understanding and competencies in individual one-to-one personal coaching
  • Core competencies in comprehensive executive coaching, based upon professionalism, creativity and coaching satisfaction
  • A deeper understanding of what is needed to enhance sales and marketing, create products, access the most innovative success strategies, develop a keener “business sense”, immerse in today’s networking systems and collaborate with colleagues in an effort to write, get published, etc.
Supervised Coaching Masterclass

Members Responsibilities

Each participant involved in personal, team or executive coaching or consulting is responsible for the individual process of learning, including:

  • The concentration, pace and content of individual work
  • Recommending real-life coaching scenarios suitable to group supervision and mentoring
  • Grasping individual conclusions following supervision and mentoring sequences
  • Application of the program’s systematic approach, appropriate to a comprehensive coaching practice
  • The unearthing of abundant options for individual coaching practice development in executive and team coaching scenarios
Supervised Coaching Masterclass

Who is the Organisation Behind Supervised Coaching Masterclass Program?

Noble Manhattan Coaching, UK coaching organization, administers and manages The Supervised Coaching Masterclass. Founded in 1993, offering life coach training, corporate coach training, career development, life coaching, self motivation, and life coaching courses. It has its international administration centre in Weymouth, on the south coast of the UK. Currently trades via a comprehensive and extensive faculty spanning 26 countries throughout Europe, America, Asia, Australasia and Africa.

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