What a treat to have guest speaker Suzie Doscher, top coach in Zurich and NMC Alumna, to share her personal and professional experiences, advices and wisdom with a group of excited coaches, mentors and personal development enthusiasts. Witty, straightforward and welcoming, she has answered some of our most pressing questions and doubts in a 90-minute Q&A, effectively empowering all of us with practical tips and renewed motivation. Here are some of the golden nuggets on how to be a more effective coach:

how to be a more effective coach

Valuable Skills for A Coach:

  • Intuitive listening skills: Listen between the lines, to what the client is not telling you
  • Ask insightful questions, this will further your clients thinking
  • Always be curious: Being curious and being able to lockdown the client's motivation to work on themselves
  • Trust and listen to your intuition: If you are connected to it. It does not only tell you something about your client, but also about yourself
  • Don’t be reactive: When in doubt……..out. Sleep on it, you will know what is right for you on the next day

How to Be A More Effective Coach?

  • Empower yourself as a coach to empower others and help them become the best versions of themselves.
  • Anyone with good training can become an effective coach, provided they actually have a deeper understanding of what coaching is and are open to constant development
  • In order to be effective and achieve valuable results with your clients you need to let go of your own fears. This will allow you to truly be there for the client and sense what that person really needs.
  • It is important to know your natural strengths and connect them with your values.
  • Do not lead or guide a session. You do not have all the answers. Be non-judgmental.
  • Be sensitive to what your client needs. Feeding back is important and has its place, but knowing when to do so is important
  • It takes daily maintenance to be the best version of ourselves – We are all work in progress. Stay on top of your growth, take the necessary “me time”.
  • When a little voice comes up saying something negative – Deal with it there and then
  • Creating space prior to the session is important. Find what works for you: Meditation, walks, connecting with nature or recapping the previous session, among others, can help
  • When entering the Industry: Network! See what the community can share
  • Niches are very good for marketing – Clients go with what they are ready to work on
  • Connect with what you are passionate about and what the reason is you chose to be a coach. If you are passionate about helping your clients, this will come across
  •  As a leader you should take time out to get to know your team and reflect on how to help them give their best

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