Benefits of coaching primarily provide personal development and awareness. It is a working model that enables the individual to be more flexible in his behaviors and choices by recognizing himself. Focusing on what you are, what do you want to reach, where do you want to be, and reveals these in your potential. As a system coaching aims to reveal the potential of the individual by discovering your abilities. It increases personal success by providing a balance between work and private life, develops and strengthens communication, makes one find the purpose of life, that is, the purpose of existence. Supports a happier, more peaceful and balanced life of the individual.

Benefits of Coaching

Being a coach has a certification process. Everyone can become a coach, but it is not easy. As the Noble Manhattan Switzerland and Zürich coaching support group, we provide you with full support in this regard. From the beginning of your coaching training, continuing to support you to achieve the right milestones in your career.

It is not possible to become a coach without going through this process. After receiving these certifications or diplomas, we step into your coaching career. To obtain the titles of a coach, it is necessary to gain experience in actual business life.

Why Noble Manhattan Switzerland?

The difference of Noble Manhattan Switzerland in this regard is our high efficiency and connection. Having two centers in Switzerland, both Zürich and Geneva Coaching Schools provides an advantage in terms of accessibility. We do not lose touch with the coaches we train in that sense, and we pass on a permanent awareness perspective to you.

In addition, we provide hands on masterclass trainings, which has got the practical aspect, join you up with students all around the world to form study buddy groups and share/learn from each other and have our master coaches available as mentors.

Our continuous support is unparalleled compared to other coach training schools.

noble manhattan team

Noble Manhattan Family

We call ourselves “The Mafia”. In a good sense of course as whoever gets acquainted with Noble Manhattan Switzerland, Zurich, or Geneva, stays in our family.

Coaching is such a rewarding profession as you can see immediately the impact that you have on one human, taking a step forward or starting to change their limited beliefs and perspectives. We have many free mini coaching courses available for you to have a sneak peek into the coaching world. Or simply become a member first and experience, try or if you have made up your mind just go for it and choose any of our offerings.

Not sure yet which program might be suitable for your circumstances, just reach out:

For us it is important to get to know you and your needs. Join our coaching family to experience the benefits of coaching. Globally, in Switzerland, in Zurich, in Geneva.

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