Happiness…. an ambituous word that has been redefined by a modern society. If you personally ask me, what does happiness mean… I could easily take a whole 30 minutes to meditate, cry and maybe tell you that Happiness is living. Happiness is being able to breath and being able to enjoy these small things in life. The question of “what is happiness” for me is short term gratification from most times vain things so my word is “Contentment.”

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Being Happy in Society

For the past century society has told us that happiness is getting married, reproducing, living the ‘white-picked fence’ life, saving money for retirement and die leaving money behind to people most of the time shouldn’t even be entitled to. If we look in depth , and ask to ourselves “Does it really bring us the so-called ”Happiness” by following what society tells us is the “Right” thing many people can agree to disagree. Nonetheless, is it really fulfilling? For some yes for some no.

As a 30 year old man, I’ve had thousands of conversations with adults, both married and non married and surprisingly the majority don’t have a “content life” the question I will still have is “WHY”.

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Being A Humanbeing & Happiness

As human beings we are naturally competitive and we always want more and more and that is setting us apart from being happy. As an example, Daniel a 20 year old University student who commutes to school everyday cycling but suddenly Mathew a new International student whose parents are diplomats had given him a Toyota Prius to commute to Uni, now Mathew feels diminished and starts feeling bad about riding his bike to school and he will start feeling “Unhappy”, shortly after Jamie, a new student whose parents won the lottery had bought him a brand new Mercedes so now Matthew feels terrible and that he has a bad car, thus, “Unhappy”.

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Find Your Happiness…

We can all decide on what to do with our lives, but my message with these short words is to FIND YOUR PATH, find a good balance that will perhaps, bring contentment and long term satisfaction to your life. Surround yourself with people who contribute to your life and seek coaching for a healthy guidance. That will help you to find your own answer to what is happiness…

| This article is written by Sebastian Vera

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