Adolescent coaching is not beneficial only to young people, but also to teachers, schools and families. Let us go deep about why adolescent coaching is important:

why adolescent coaching

Benefits for The Teachers:

  • You will learn a valuable set of transferable tools and skills that can be used within and outside a school setting.
  • It will give you the training and confidence to offer basic coaching support to adolescents.
  • It will enable you to make a positive difference to the lives of adolescents, which can be hugely rewarding and fulfilling at a personal level.
  • It can be included in your CV and will reassure existing and future colleagues and employers that you have appropriate skills to support adolescents with basic issues impacting their overall performance, mind health and wellbeing.
  • All the tools that you will learn on this training course have universal appeal – this means that you can also use them to coach and support yourself, family, friends and loved ones.
  • After completing this course, you will receive:
    • A certificate verifying that you have a certificate in Coaching Basics for Secondary Schools and your attendance hours for CPD purposes.
    • Ongoing help and support from me as your trainer if needed. Please note this is subject to your senior management team approval as there may be an cost associated with this.
    • Access to a valuable bank of Coaching Basics that you can use with adolescents. All of these are set out in easy to use and ready to load Power Point presentations and will be shared with you electronically and uploaded on your general drive at school.
why adolescent coaching

It Will Benefit Young People

If you use these Coaching Basics to help support adolescents after this training, it will:

  1. Empower them to be their own coach and be more responsible and independent
  2. Give them the tools they need to prevent, intercept and support issues early, before they develop further.
  3. Help them take better care of themselves (e.g., diet, sleep, downtime, fun/social time and exercise).
  4. Teach them the importance of honouring and upholding all the things they value when making choices.
  5. Guide them on how to work and learn effectively so that they can achieve better outcomes at school/in life.
  6. Encourage them to adopt a Growth Mindset. So that they are okay about taking manageable risks, making mistakes and learning from mistakes; this in turn helps them feel stronger in their minds and bodies.
  7. Enable them to progress in key areas of maturation and development specific to their age-group. 
  8. Expand their access to help and support services, which makes them feel more supported
  9. Encourage pair and group work, so that participants get the opportunity to share and connect with others. This also enables participants to be seen and heard in a more intimate and private space.
  10. Give them a formal qualification that will enhance and strengthen their personal profile/CV when applying for tertiary positions and/or employment.
young people

It Will Benefit Your School

If you use these Coaching Programmes to support adolescents after this training, it will help your school in the following ways:

  • Enables the school to increase access to support services for adolescents. It gives them reassurance that their staff are using safe, reliable and accredited coaching programmes when doing this.
  • Helps the school to prevent, intercept and support any issues early on
  • Empowers the school to embed a coaching culture, which can benefit the whole school community.
  • Enables staff to catch and refer issues to appropriate professionals with more skill and confidence.
  • Provides staff with safe, simple and scripted ready-to-go content for stand-alone wellbeing and coaching workshops, assemblies, talks and programmes, saving them precious time.
  • Saves the school time and money. Coaching is a faster and more impactful intervention to achieve goals and desired outcomes within a school or organisation than some other more open-ended and expensive alternatives. This is because it is solution focused and time limited.
  • Helps staff to happier, healthier and more productive – staff who are upskilled to deliver these coaching programmes to adolescents also derive a personal benefit, given that these coaching programmes have universal appeal, and encourage them to ‘walk the talk’. Trained staff also get a certificate that specifies CPD hours and will enhance and strengthen their personal profile/CV when seeking future employment.
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It Will Benefit Families

If you integrate Coaching Basics into your school and share these tools with families (e.g., via parent workshops) it can help adolescents with integrating these basics into their lives outside of school. When Coaching Basics are understood and used at home and parents/guardians facilitate their uptake, there is a much greater chance that adolescents will benefit from them. Positive changes might include:

  • Better communication, including listening, focusing and questioning.
  • More respect and kindness.
  • More empathy and understanding.
  • Better emotional regulation.
  • Stronger relationships.
  • Better organisation and planning.
  • More set work routines (saves parents nagging about doing homework and revision).
  • Less resistance.
  • Less procrastination.
  • Less expectations of others – more inclined to meet their own needs.
  • More independence, responsibility and ownership.
happy family

Why Adolescent Coaching

If you have any questions about why adolescent coaching is important, please contact us or leave a message below.

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