Approximately one in every five youth in the U.S. meets criteria for a mental (health) disorder with severe impairment across their lifetime. The likelihood that common mental disorders in adults first emerge in childhood and adolescence highlights the need for a transition from the common focus on treatment of U.S. youth to that of prevention and early intervention (Merikangas et al., 2010). Studies indicated that young victims of bullying have higher rates of agoraphobia, depression, anxiety, panic disorder and suicidality in their early to mid‐20s, compared to those who have not been bullied in childhood (Arseneault, 2017).

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Mental Health -care

Mental healthcare is generally expensive and not always accessible. This can be for many reasons, such as lack of awareness, fear of stigmatization, sociocultural scarcity, financial constraints… Even geographical accessibility and many such social, political, economic, environmental, legal, and technological barriers.

In fact, according to many studies, the effects of bullying throughout childhood, such as depression, can linger for up to 40 years. In other words, trauma that many times will remain unresolved and untreated and will keep passing on from generations to generations.

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Coaching Helps…

Child victims of bullying also have an increased risk of receiving psychiatric hospital treatment and using psychiatric medications. Victims of bullying in childhood report high levels of psychological distress at age 23 and also at age 50. Adults who were victims of frequent bullying in childhood had an increased prevalence of poor psychiatric outcomes at midlife. This includes depression and anxiety disorders, and suicidality (Arseneault, 2017).

It is been proved that coaching helps building the skills needed to adapt, recover and grow from any challenging or traumatic experience that oneself can have. As well as predicting a significant improvement in life fullfillment which is also helpful for mental health.

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World Mental Health Day: 10th of October

Mental Health & Youth

We can all be that “change subject” and stand up against this type of abuse towards youth and humanity in general. If we start with some small acts it can significantly change a persons life. Hence, improve our own community and we all can make a better world for us and the future generations.

Written by Sebastian Vera

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